Monday, March 16, 2009


I promised you a testimony. I worked with a young lady, a few years younger than myself. And she was going through. You know, being a single mom--deadbeat dad, bills, family issues and the like. Well, she was seeing about 3 or 4 guys...these were the ones she told me about. So when I say, 'seeing' --I mean she was sleeping with these guys. Some to release sexual tension, some so that he could help with a bill or two. She'd tell me about these encounters--basic stuff, no lewd details. She figured, "she'll never meet these guys". And she's right...I'll never meet them. But I was concerned--'what is this doing to her soul? what message is she sending to her child'? I never told her not to have relationships with these men...I just listened. I didn't judge her. I was her friend. When she needed a little help financially--I offered. She declined. But she let Tyrone buy her and child pizza and fill her car with gas. Mind you, Tyrone had threatened her about 3 weeks before via text message. She had to file a report with the cops. But here was Tyrone, giving her groceries and gas...and getting the goods. Why she let Tyrone help her, but she declined my help? I wouldn't even ask for the money back. I was hurt, but I didn't let her know it. I just listened and remained her friend. This was 2008. Roll into 2009, she calls me up--she's decided that '09 will be different. She's cut loose her 'friends with benefits' and she's straightening up her finances so she won't be dependent on 'friends'. So, my testimony--I never told her that I was celibate. She knows I'm a Christian and as such, there are certain things I don't do. I never talked down to her about what she was doing. I allowed her to talk and I listened. I never suggested she stop sleeping with these guys...but I prayed about it. And she came to a decision to become celibate herself, look for a good man to really love her and her child. She hasn't met him yet...but she's hopeful. I wonder if I made a difference? I'd like to think God used me in this situation to show her that He loves her and He cares. It's not about me. It's about Jesus.

P.S. as you know I usually don't name names. But Tyrone ( I wish I knew his last name) deserves to be blasted for coming to my girl's house at 2a.m. when her child was in bed asleep--scaring them by threatening her because she didn't return a phone call. And continuing this erratic behavior for 2 days--even at her 2nd place of employ. Tyrone, honey-- you'd better be glad simply beautiful don't know you--cuz she'd give you the business--- all the day long!!!

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