Thursday, December 16, 2010

simply beautiful

Who is she? 5 foot three and 1/2 inches, my weight ain't your bidness! thank you, black hair (with a little gray mixed in for wisdom, mind you), pretty brown eyes, high cheekbones, small pouty lips, healthy hips and thighs, sweet disposition, wicked sense of humor, kinda smart too--definitely a smart mouth, anyway--works hard, goes to church often...real often, single mother...looking for a brother who will love her for who she is....
She is who? a child of God who is talked about, lied on, and made to think she don't matter to no one. She is on the outside looking in...because she doesn't quite fit in. People know her face but no one really takes the time to know her. Not even her own family. They say she's nothing. She's sexually promiscuous....that she's sneaky and bares watching. How can one who is celibate be promiscuous? Dear family, mum and dad... Don't you know me by now? Can't you see inside of me? I'm not who you think that I am....
I'm simply beautiful.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My People

The night is beautiful
so the faces of my people.

The stars are beautiful
so the eyes of my people.

Beautiful also is the sun
Beautiful also are the souls of my people.

Langston Hughes

poetry for the soul contributed by simply beautiful.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HIV/Aids Awareness in the Black Community

Today is National Black HIV/Aids Awareness Day. This topic is close to my heart for several reasons. There are many brothers and sisters who live with the virus. I make it a point to place something on my blog that will bring awareness that HIV/Aids is still rampant in the African-American community, because we don't hear this on the news. But please, make it a point to keep yourself updated on the lastest information. HIV/Aids is not going away. It can...if we educate ourselves, love and protect ourselves and one another.

Great websites to gain knowledge are and

Get tested.
Know your status.
Protect yourself and your partner.

simply beautiful