Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Just a Process!

Yesterday's blog is still on my mind, which I guess is really a good thing. I am such a private person--so for me to open up about what I'm going through is a big thing for me. I may have given way too much truth. I've heard it said that the truth shall set (me) free. But, I'm really uneasy about this-- I don't want you to see me in a bad light, but at the same time I need you to know that I, too go through. I don't want you to feel bad for me...I do that enough for myself...But I hope you will pray for simply beautiful. As she can always use prayer. Now only pray if you stand in agreement with me. And standing in agreement with me is simply asking God that His will, His plans and preparations are carried out in my life. Thanks! I really love and appreciate you!!
Now, on to today. It's a good day--I cried my last tears yesterday (thank you MaryMary) over this situation. I realize that God is moving me to a place that I would not be able to handle until I go through this test...this trial...experience this pressure, pain ...and endure the fire. Speaking of going through, I got an email yesterday from a close friend ( thanks Dee), regarding precisely that...going through. It's called It's Just a Process. And I want to highlight a few sentences and comment throughout. You know simply beautiful always has something to say and I say it boldly. (in bold print, that is)
" Have you, in your life, experienced tragedy? Maybe a close relative passed away ? (yes) Have you ever been the topic of discussion or rumors? (yes, again) People sat around and talked bad about you. (And not just any people--family members, church folk, and so called friends) Have you ever endured betrayal ?(yep-- been there,too) The one person you thought could be trusted, a close friend, a mate, a parent even, left you to “die” alone.( yeah, each parent at different times-- and that really hurt!) Ughm. Have you ever been deceived ? You had good intentions but the enemy tricked you. (yeah, just plain ol' mani-pu-dipted, chile! the parents, again) Have you ever questioned your calling? ( yes. and shame on me!) Have you ever walked away from a promise? (trying my best not to do that right now!!) Have you ever experienced depression or loneliness? ( way too often ) Has death ever threatened your dreams? ( yes, but God bought my dreams back to life! I'll give that testimony in another blog) Hmmmmm...yes it's in these times when believing seems harder than giving up. (don't I know it!!) Through all you have experienced in life, you must understand this important point: Whatever you are currently going through : It's Just A Process! "
Now, I've learned some things about the Process. I'll share 6 important points to remember:
  • Your trouble will only last a season... a season could be 24hrs, a week, a month...a year,15 years-- maybe longer. Know this--God is with you. He never allows you to endure the battle alone. One of my favorite quotes is: "If He brings you to it, He'll see you through it!"
  • Trouble's not designed to kill you-- It can't . Although the enemy thinks it will, God will not allow it. While watching one of my son's favorite cartoons I heard the main character say that 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.' Wisdom from a cartoon? umph imagine that?!
  • Everything happens for a reason. You may not see the reason. You may not even understand. It's not meant for you to see or understand. What God wants from you is called 'trust'. How many times have you sang in church "I will trust in the Lord!...I will trust in the Lord!...til I die...." Well, now is the time, trust in Him!
  • You will make it! Have no fear. No matter how awful it appears, you will make it because God has equipped you to make it. Tests and trials are the process God allows in order to move you from where you are now to where He has ordained for you to be. The Word says it like this-- Although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Psalm 23:4 Remember the test or trial is what you're going through--i.e. the valley of the shadow of death... ( as in a journey), not where you're going to (as in a destination. Also notice that the valley does not have a name, just a description.)
  • God will get the glory. Although you are going through...really it's not about you. It's about God using you to advance His Kingdom.

A Final Word: God has to try us by fire and/or extreme pressure--much like what's involved in processing gold and diamonds. The first step is to burn off the impurities in us, which in gold separates the lesser metals (the impure) from the fine metal (the pure). And look, think about how a diamond comes about--the black coal on the outside (sin in us) only gives way when it's put under extreme pressure (resistance-- like from the Word of God which convicts us). The pressure we go through removes impurities, molds, and shapes us into the image of our Father and reveals His brilliant light that shines and sparkles on the inside of us. God allows trials and tribulations in our lives so that He can move us to the next level in Him. So when the heat is up, and you're pressured on every side, be encouraged-- it's Just a Process. Yes, we will resist, it's only natural because we're human, but don't miss the lesson in the trial. Learn to give thanks in every thing and in every season. Realize that in every testimony, there's a test! Be blessed!!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you!

1Thess 5:18

simply beautiful.


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