Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stay in Your Lane

Gentle Readers,
I am in a situation I feel I can no longer bear. It's rough, and it keeps getting rougher. You see, somebody is doing somebody wrong. I see it every day. It gets under my skin. And to make it worse, the person who is being done wrong just doesn't seem to get it. I ask myself, 'How can you be that dumb?' I'm on the brink of just telling it all because the wrong-doer doesn't deserve to get away with this.
So I took it to God. And we had a good conversation about it. Do you know what He told me? He said, "This isn't your fight." 'But God, I see what's going on. How can I sit by idly and watch this person be done wrong?' "Hold your peace." But if I say something, if I do something this will straighten everything out". Finally, He says to me, "Stay in your lane".
Well Gentle Readers, that did it for me. You see, I've been in the middle of too many arguments confrontations, and too many silly fights. I've witnessed ashtrays, knives, guns and hedgers---you know, that garden tool used to trim bushes and such---being used as weapons. And it's not even my fight. I'm pulled in as the 'mediator no one listens to'. God said, "enough" a long time ago--but they're not listening. Somehow I just keep getting put in the middle. Although they aren't listening to God, this time, I am. Since this is not my fight--this is not my purpose--this is not the plan He has for me, I will keep my mouth shut and I will pray. I will let God do what God does best while I travel the mapquested journey that God has for me.
In closing Gentle Readers, the word of encouragement for the week is: Stay in your lane!

Take it Lite.
And as you travel the road God has paved for you,
don't forget to drop breadcrumbs!
Not so that you'll know how to get back--
Oh no! Never go back!!
Drop the breadcrumbs for the birds!
God's little creatures need to eat, too! LOL!!!

simply beautiful.

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