Thursday, June 4, 2009

Distance yourself

Basically, I was reading over an earlier post and came across the Scripture reference about laying aside every weight that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. That 'spoke' to me. Because I'm in transition in my life, there are some things that I have to lay aside. There are some people I need to distance myself from. There are some places that I can no longer go. This is in order to get me where God needs me to be. It's funny how I can take someone else's situation and see myself in it. You see, my 20-year-old baby cousin, I'll call her G, is in a predicament. Her 'so-called' man is lazy, manipulative and overbearing. To add spice to the situation, she's expecting her first baby. I haven't met the 'so-called' man, but I really don't have to meet him to know him. Hell, I grew up with him-- (he's like my daddy, puts himself first) and then I even dated someone like him. I wish someone would have given me this same advice I'm about to give G.
Girl, run! You've made a mistake in choosing a partner, but you are young and resilient, you can recover. Remember, we fall down, but we get up? Go back to what you know. Get back in church, I mean really get in. Get people around you that will love and care for you and your baby...people who will cover you...prayerfully, mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically. If anybody offers you a helping hand...take it. Ain't no shame in needing help. The shame is in refusing to accept help when it's offered. And when you get on your feet, pay it forward--help somebody else. Yes, to go back where you came is shameful, humiliating, and painful even. But, that little humiliation will be easier to handle than if you stay on the present course.

And this part of the message is for both G and me: distance yourself from those who seek to do you more harm than good. These very people want to leech off of you, drain you, wear you down and leave you in a corner in a fetal position with your thumb in your mouth. They get pleasure from bringing you down --so that they themselves can look down on you and talk about you. They'd rather look down on you than allow you to rise ( cuz they can't help you rise!!) so that you can pull them up too. It's a shame, but some folk are like that. And they ain't always strangers. They are people who are close to you, like: your mama, daddy, a sibling, a cousin,  a friend, or teacher. You can't help but love them, they're important in your life. But sometimes you have to love them from a distance.
Remember, you have to be careful and prayerful about who you let in your life. And if by chance, the wrong person slips in--be quick about getting them out. Because honey, if they can't stand the call on your life from the Almighty, distance yourself from them-- don't wait for them to move. And after you distance yourself, as one of my Sunday School teacher's favorite quote goes: "Keep it Pushing!!" God's got something bigger and better just for you!

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