Monday, April 6, 2009

What's Going On

Today, a friend of mine asked me about a matter of the heart. WoW. I must be growing up. :) So I got to thinking ( that's very dangerous, you know ) that she is not the only one going through this kind of thing...why not blog about it? Sorry, T you know once you talk to me it's on and popping. Her question was about an old flame that never quite died out...still flickering. Should she/or shouldn't she give it one more try? Well, I see it this way. He's an "X". Of the men I've put an "X" on, I put it there for a reason. You know, like, we weren't on the same intellectual level- all he wanted was sex- all he wanted to do was hang with his friends and say he had a girl- he didn't have a sense of humor (imagine that, a black man without a sense of humor...he was really dry...don't worry, Michael don't read my blog so he won't be affected by me revealing he's a stiff and a bore)-we just grew apart, well honestly I grew up and he grew stew-pid. These are just some of the reasons. But maybe, just maybe you have someone in your past that you're wondering...what if we try again? It's been a few years, you've both grown up and are now different people with goals and needs that may be different than they were then. So this is what I told my friend. First and foremost, pray about it. Meet the Man, before you meet the man. Ask God if this man is for you. Be specific when you pray--there's nothing to large, nothing too small to ask God about. This is your life and you don't want to miss an opportunity, neither do you want to make the wrong choice. Second, when you talk to this man--ask him what drives him back to you? Listen closely to his answer. If you're in person when you ask him, watch his body language. Does it match the words that are coming out of his mouth? And third..if he is really, truly wanting to get with you, is he praying for you? will he pray with you? If either answer is "no", tell him that simply beautiful said, "kick rocks, bro. My sistah deserves the best that God has to offer, and you ain't it!!"
In closing, treat yourself with dignity and respect. And any man that comes into your space will know that he must do the same.
Peace. Love. and bubblegum.
simply beautiful.

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