Monday, April 13, 2009

Mercy, Mercy Me

Hi there! It's been a while since I've posted anything on the romantic tip, but today I have a little something for you. simply beautiful is simply enjoying some attention from the opposite sex. On last evening, a young man decided to flirt with me--openly. WoW. From previous posts, you might know that he's been flirting for a while, just not so openly. Anyway, as you know, I am single, and the mother of a bright, handsome, 2nd year college freshman. He is my only child--my Pride and Joy. ( I'll introduce him later) But for now, on to my experience. I went to an Easter celebration on last evening and had a very nice time, I might add. Usually my son and I sit together, but because he was with his group of friends, I sat a few rows behind him. You see, he doesn't want me to be too 'clingy'. So this young man took advantage of the open seat beside me and sat down before the event started. Then he turned on his 'charm' and flirted with me--my son didn't like it one bit, but he was gentleman enough not to let it show. Anyway, the young man moved before the event started. (he moved, but not far) So, since the seat was now open again, my son decided he needed to sit beside me. No, not just beside me--almost on top of me, throwing his arm around me and even saying that I was 'taken'. Now you know--as flattered as I was by all of this attention to little ole me, at the same time I was annoyed. First of all "Baby Boy", mom can take care of herself. I appreciate the fact that you don't want just anybody coming up to your mom, coming on to your mom, or treating mom just any old kind of way! Much obliged to you, son. Good looking out! But mom deserves to have some fun. I like to flirt--especially with one as good-looking as this guy. Yeah...he's got some quirks, but quirks are cute. Second of all, "Baby Boy", it's nice to know you're here if I need you--but I DON'T NEED U RIGHT NOW!! Disappear for a minute or two--let mom get her 'grown folk' on. ( Keep it clean, now...remember I have a vow of celibacy--I ain't getting the "grown married folk" on--just the 'grown folk'!! LOL!!) And third "Baby Boy", Mom loves you and always will. No matter who comes into my life, no matter what happens, my love for you does not change. The only change in fact, is that my love for you grows from day-to-day. Ain't nothing or nobody gonna be able to change that. TRUST!
In closing "Baby Boy", know this-- there's plenty of room for me to love you fully and fully love someone else too.

simply beautiful

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