Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Smile and a Switch

I know he's watching me...maybe waiting for the right time to approach me? I ask myself, 'what does he want from me?' Now, don't get me wrong-- I consider myself a fairly decent looking woman. I mean I comb my hair, wash my face and brush my teeth on the daily. LOL. But, all kidding aside... I guess he thinks I'm cute because he steals glances at me, or he just stares (which makes me nervous). But, what I like is that he ALWAYS looks me in the face. He's not staring at my chest, he's not looking me up and down, or stretching his neck around trying to see my butt, or sucking his teeth and hollering "OOOOwWeeee!!" (oh-- I just hate that!!) He's a gentleman and I love that! When I'm facing him, we have eye to eye contact. Now, when I'm walking away from him, I don't know what he's looking at. (Honestly, I doubt it's the back of my head-- cuz sistah got...well... let's just say a large posterior. LOL.) But coming back to my question--what does he want? What does he see in me? Well, I can tell from watching him that he's a man who is sold out to the Lord. He's a man of good taste, he has a sense of humor, he's articulate, mannerable, intelligent and he's humble. He likes the newest tech toys. He believes in taking care of his car--you should see it--it's always spit-shined, spotless and clean. He's good at his occupation and puts his heart in it. Nothing wrong with any of that. And being that he's a man of God, surely he's not wanting me as a 'friend with benefits'. So, what would he be looking for? Well, knowing that he likes nice things. And he likes me. So to him, I must be a nice thing. AND He takes good care of his nice things. Therefore, he'd take good care of me. But that's all about him, isn't it? Does he see that I'm a sold out Christian, a nice young, single mother? I work hard, I'm a college student, I have a wicked and warped sense of humor, believe in family, and I love music. Does he see any of that? Yes, he probably does, and more than what I realize he sees as well. Now, he obviously has good taste, is smart, employed, talented, and upwardly mobile-- and really, all that sounds too good to be true--and what usually sounds too good to be true, is just that. So I can't help but wonder, what are his flaws? MMMmm. I wonder...
Anyway, you probably wonder why I titled this entry 'A smile and a switch'? Well... R U ready for this? R U sure?'s because, "Girrrrl, he put a smile on my face and a switch in my hips." LOL. Yes, indeed! He puts a smile on my face--- It's nice to have someones attention. I really like the fact that he's liking me. And I'm liking him back. I like that he watches me--and that he seems to look forward to seeing me each week. He puts a switch in my hips.--- whenever I get the chance to walk past him, I put a little extra 'oomph' in my walk. Yeah, you know, right about in the hip area. Hell, why not? Like I said, this babysistah's got back. And I know he's watching me.

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