Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Day 2009 - Countdown #2

Okay, I'm back again today to give some tips for you and yours leading up to "Love Day '09". Feel free to add your own twists to these suggestions--just be sure you do something for the one you love ( or seriously like ). He/She will appreciate your efforts, for everyone wants to feel like they are special to someone.

the 4th tip:
Go out for a special treat—ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate cake-- really-- any dessert. I suggest Braum's, Cold Stone, or the Cheesecake Factory. You might try an appetizer, drinks and dessert at Chili's, TGI Fridays..... or any fine restaurant of choice and remember, drink responsibly!
Tip Number five:
Fireplace or Living Room Picnic--that's right, it’s still cold out. But there’s no reason you can’t have a picnic. Bring out the picnic blanket, fry some chicken, potato salad...or go simple... fix sandwiches, chips, and red kool-aid. Turn on some summertime music and enjoy a romantic inside picnic!

And number 6:
This will depend on the weather and the view-- Enjoy a sunset together. If you're creative you can arrange to have dinner in front of a picture window that faces west. Or just find a hill, park the car, enjoy some nice music on the radio or better yet--just talk, cuddle, and enjoy God's beautiful sunset.. And IF you are really adventurous, meet on an early morning to watch the sunrise and have breakfast together. Your sweetie will appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity--and the fact that you think he/she is special enough to spend some time enjoying God's best creations--the opposite sex and nature. I know I would...(hint, hint for any of you single men who find simply beautiful is simply beautiful...(smile, blush)....u can contact me by email at seeinsideofme@gmail.com.... really, I don't bite!)

Happy Dating!!

simply beautiful.... wanting a simple love....

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Anonymous said...

I love your tips. I'm going to use some of these myself. Thanks!