Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Poem about Love

Let him love the love in you
For love is what he's made to do
Let him love you through and through
He’ll be honest, kind, and true.

Let him be the love in you
a love so full a love so new
he'll love you to your very core
Today you are alone no more
Let love enter your heart’s door
With all respect, let him adore
And let him love you evermore.

Love him too until that day
That love and dreams just fly away.

Let him love as he longs to
For yes, his love is meant for you
A love so strong for just you two
Love so mighty, love so true
His Love is tender, and so sweet
Love intertwined as two hearts beat
So easy, yes and so complete,
So full of passion, so full of heat.

Let him love the love in you
He lives just for your love, it's true
For love in him, and love in you
belongs to Him, belongs to you
To honor, keep and cherish too
'Cause love in him is what's in you
Until the day your days are through.

Let love have it's proper time.
For I am his and he is mine.
the love between us genuine.
Until the very end of time.
Let him love the love in me,
Love is what it's meant to be.
Let's love until the very day,
Life's heartaches and pains just fly away.
Love until our days are through,
For love in me is love in you,
For loving me is loving you.

copyright 01/24/2009 ftw tx/simply beautiful
modified 04/15/2009 simply beautiful

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