Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nobody's Supposed to be Here

Nobody’s s'posed to be here
Not in my head, or my heart
Nobody’s s'posed to be rumblin’ 'round
my innermost parts.

You not s'posed to be here
This area’s locked away
How did you get in?
Do you expect to stay?

No one's s'posed to be here
This place is out-of-bounds
I stopped giving tours long ago
Ain't no going the rounds.

You not s'posed to be here.
Watching me, wooing me,
I got my guard up
so you won't be foolin' me

Nobody’s s'posed to be here,
oh no, but here he is
Like I’m s'posed to love him
In spite of all my fears.

ah-ight O kay-i see what this is
I'll go head and woman up
and swallow my tears
And you will be where
just yesterday I thought
no one's s'posed to be--
this close to my heart.

-- for E.D.B.

28August 2008 ( copyright )
Fort Worth TX

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