Wednesday, October 22, 2008

See Inside of Me ... An Introduction

To see inside of me requires a lot of time. I am multi-faceted. I am a mother, a student, a travel consultant. I am a Christian. I attend church regularly. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am a voter, I choose to let my voice be heard. I do it for me--I do it for Fannie Lou Hamer, for Medgar Evers, for Malcolm X, for Dr. King, for Shirley Chisholm, for Emmitt Till. Most of them paved the way for me and their voices were snuffed too soon--now, I speak for them. I am a lover of black men-- (one at a time of course!) I am a writer, a music and movie lover, an animal lover, and an avid reader. I love to dance and sing, even though I don't sing very well. My favorite types of music are gospel, r&b, and jazz. I stay up way passed midnite too many nights a week. I hit the snooze button too often. It's hard to get up at 5am if when I don't go to sleep until 1 or 2 am. On Saturdays, I like to sleep late. I don't, but I'd like to. And if a thunderstorm rolls in during the middle of the day--whew...I'd like to...well, I'll say " sleep "through it, if you get my drift? I like to cook and I like to bake. Soulfood's my favorite. Some fried chicken, greens, sweet potatoes, and cornbread, with a Coca-Cola. And don't forget dessert--Butter Pound Cake, made from scratch, with hot peaches and cold ice cream. It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway-- I like to eat. I can really savor a tall, cold, sweet glass of iced tea, with a smidge of lemon, please. I immensely enjoy the company of my family and good friends. I like to shop and people watch. I am a 'Diamond in the Rough', because sometimes, I do and/or say the opposite of what I really mean. I'm elusive. Yep. At times, it's hard to get to know me. I'm simple. At other times, what I'm thinking is written all over my face. Sometimes I'm very talkative. Sometimes I'm quiet and pensive. I love to have fun. I'm just a kid at heart. I can be adventurous and cautious. I can be trusting or wary. Sometimes I'm hard to please. But most times I'm easy. Heeey--don't get the wrong idea. I mean easy-going, easy to please. I've been told I'm gullible. I don't know that I agree. But I do know that I am a flirt. And when I'm in a relationship, I'm loyal, committed, compassionate, and trustworthy. I am such a passionate person. I love to be in love.
My favorite color is purple. And next is red.
This is who I am--to see inside of me... requires love, patience, and time. I am sexy, sassy, sadity, and sophisticated. I love me. When you get to know me, you'll love me too....or love to hate me. But, that's alright. I am.. simply beautiful.

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