Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh, No She Don't!!!

Lemme share a cute story with you. This past April, I went down home to my grandfather's 94th birthday celebration. Of course, there were lots of family and friends there, including his baby sister, my great Aunt. She's in her 80's, but she looks like she's about 60-something. Well, my Aunt is a really classy looking, gorgeous woman. And as my son says she's 'beourgie'.
For as long as I can remember, my Aunt has been a single woman, driving a late model Cadillac-- and she's always, always had a boyfriend. And this time is no different. She drove her brown colored Cadillac down home along with her man. That's right, she's got a BOYFRIEND!! WHAT THE...?!! Here she is in her 80's, close to 90 and she's got a boyfriend?!! Albeit, he was on a cane--she has one boyfriend more than I've got! , THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!

Now, Aunt is gorgeous, no doubt, and she deserves to ride in style, date, and do whatever and go wherever she wants. Hey, more power to her! But my thing is this…I am less than half her age. I don't have a Cadillac, but I can live with that just fine because I like my truck. But she has a MAN. And here I am, crying, sobbing, and snotting because I can't seem to get a date. I'm not even sure if I have a prospect for a date, let alone getting a boyfriend. See, sometimes men seem to be either afraid to approach me, already married, too old, too immature, or they make me wonder if he is a real man. What do I mean by a real man? I mean one who is not on the down low or a man who hits women, drinks excessively and/or does drugs, and doesn't work or want to work. A real man is able to love a woman, take care of himself, a wife and/or some kids and most of all loves Jesus! My, my,my...I wonder where my real man is?
But, back to the subject at hand. Look at this -- the bottom line is my eighty-something-year- old great Aunt has a boyfriend and I DON'T. WoW! Just to say that...I'm hurt, I'm ashamed, I'm almost devastated. And after all of these emotions, I get angry also. Yes, angry…at me. Here I am wanting to get into a relationship, have a male companion, a boyfriend, maybe even a husband one day… I mean.. Someone to talk to or hang out with...And what am I doing? Well, obviously not much.

Okay...back to my Aunt...I heard there was even a marriage proposal in the works. And check it, old dude practically asked her during a wake. Yes, A WAKE..the night before A FUNERAL. Yeah, the old folks are hookin' up...and getting it on!!

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