Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Country RoadSide Evangelist

Funny story: I went out of town yesterday to check on my grandfather because he'd been placed in a nursing home. When I got to the town, I went to my uncle's house (which is next door to my granddad's house) and he had me follow him to the nursing home. Anyway, we got down the road from his house and there was a man standing beside his truck parked on the road. My dad asked me to stop so that he could speak to him. Well, they talked briefly about a couple of things and then the man confessed he is 80 years old. My mom, who had been silent up to this point, entered the conversation telling the man that he didn't look 80. ( He really didn't...the saying goes that black don't crack) So he goes into a mini sermon--"Oh, I give praise to God. He's the One who keeps me and sustains me. God is good! I give thanks to my Heavenly Father every morning that I wake up" and he goes on with all those cliche phrases one expects from someone who is saved, sanctified and filled with a mighty burning fire!! And my mom just egs him on.. 'Yes, God is good, give Him praise!' And they keep trading words back and forth & forth and back. Now, this goes on a while and I'm beginning to think to myself "I need to break this up so we can be on our way". Immabout to get out of my truck with a collection plate, take an offering & give a benediction! (There's nothing like axing for money to break thangs up! LOL!!) My uncle's up the road waiting for us all this time. After about a 5 minute round of 'God is good', 'Yes He is'--Backwood Country Roadside Baptist Pentacostal Sanctified African-American Methodist Episcopal Holyness Christian Center of the Cactus, Red Dirt, and Cattle could finally depart to serve.
So, at lunch, my uncle brought up the fact that the guy talked a long time and that was unusual for him. So I told my uncle about the roadside church service we had.
His response?
It was....Priceless. My uncle said....

"What?!! That man ain't been to church in 15 years!!!"

.......All I got to say is.......If God can use a donkey.....

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