Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old skool luv

You get to see inside of me...once again. One of my favorite poems written by me. My inspiration was 5-6 of my favorite Christian couples. They are friends, lovers, partners in marriage, and in life. What's so great about these couples is the fact that I know them personally. They are my grandparents, two of my Great Uncles and their wives, and 4 couples at church. They give me hope, as a single person from parents that have a jacked up marriage, that there is such a thing as a good marriage. Not a perfect marriage, but one in which they love God, love each other, complement one another, have mutual respect for one another, and share a special friendship. You see, when I get with Mr. Right Man, this what I aspire to have in our relationship. This is my prayer letter to God.

Are you listenin'?!!
I want an old skool luv!
You know, that Ruth and Boaz
Kind of love
A Love for real. You know the kind?
It's Genuine,
Long-suffering, not discontent,
Not easily provoked, gives one hundred percent;
Bears all, believes all,
Hopes in all, endures and assures.

Are you listenin', God?!!
I want to love like Big Mamma and Big Daddy--
From sun up to sun down;
Like my Uncle Herman and Aunt Grace
A love that just abounds.
I want to love from see to can't see;
Like my Uncle Melvin and Aunt Ethel
Now that's how love's supposed to be.
like Brother and Sister Bonner,
All syrupy and sweet;
A love so strong that it knocks you off your feet
A love so good-- like buscuits and gravy
A love that grows fast as a newborn baby

That old skool love, like the notes we used to pass..
I love you. Do you love me. Check yes or no
That true kind of love, and all that jazz…

I want that fussing this morning, loving this evening kinda love.
That baby forgive me cuz I was wrong and you wasn’t right either,
But put the blame on me anyway kinda love.
That babymaking love
That just because love
That 24 hours 7 days a week love
Ya Know-- that sweet,
Sunday afternoon
kinda love.

My God, Are you listenin'?!
I want an Old Skool Luv.

copyright 27March 2008 fort worth TX
Sunday 21Dec2008 -modified for seeinsideofme...simply beautiful

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